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Monsoon blesses the city with some dirt tracks

23, Sep 2017 By Poornima Laxmeshwar

Bengaluru: Pramod Mathad, a bike enthusiast was always keen on exploring dirt biking and hence, bought a brand new KTM to pursue his childhood passion. And lo behold! The heavens showered their blessings as heavy downpour and an awesome track was laid on Kanakpura Road.

Mud-biking Live!
Mud-biking Live!

Now, all that Pramod had to do was just commute from home to his workplace. Voila! This has created such excitement in his life that Pramod is no longer complaining about backaches or the exhaustion that comes as a side effect to this jolly ride. He couldn’t contain his excitement and said, “I am so thrilled with this development. I just hope that the officials continue to do nothing about the roads and let the motor heads like us, make the most of the situation. Cheers!”

In fact, this new track also lets you gauge the Metro work on one side and the four-lane highway work on the other. And in between this, you know you have to make it to your office, on time. Your boss also faces the road, every day and thus, no excuses are allowed. So, as a citizen, you have now every right to take this tour, at your own risk of bags and bones.

This new perk has built up a strange level of excitement in travelers and the corporation is now seriously looking at monetizing this god-struck opportunity. The younger generation can look at training them without even requiring a coach. Someday, the officials hope that Bengaluru will make it big in the dirt mania tours. Until then these tracks will be preserved for good and these don’t even need any preservatives anyway.