Month's 3rd Saturday saddened student

18, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Life is almost full of confusion. The fear factor surmounts upon us. This condition lingers against the dictates of our bodies and minds. What ensues from now is centred on the individual’s personality. When we were caught in this space, we cannot figure out the fine shades of inter-personal contacts among distinct people.

This month’s third Saturday gave a saddened experience. Returning from the Lal Bunglaw area here one scooter rider confronted with some unexpected troubles on his entire way. It was in the day’s afternoon the man first approached the nationalised bank but he met with the restrained disappointment. Subsequently, he moved on to buy the better quality rubber pipe for supply of the liquid gas to a particular appliance fixed on the strong wall. What he found in due course was some snag in the two-wheeler’s magnetic engine.

Fortunately, the help came from the sudden appearance of a young mechanic. He got the engine in motion through his dexterous hands or mechanical ingenuity. A whole one hour was wasted into this problematical situation. Not only one person was caring the “sick” engine but several persons turned up around the ailing vehicle. Some (many, most) said that there was a problem in the clutch plates. Others (two) stated that there was electrical snag of the current supply. However, it was the clearly overflowing problem as the indigenous tactic of raising one side of the vehicle on a brick helped the engine ignite with full velocity.

When the student neared his house, an accident saddened the student who felt dizziness by seeing boy’s injured leg of the boy. The skin down the knee was entirely peeled off and the blood was oozing out. This was a very painful sight. All those who assisted the boy reminded how humanity prevailed over.