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Mother, son cross the boiling sun

05, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Saturday’s blazing sun caused complete calm on the city’s roads. There was lesser traffic, scant people, slow pulse, fast moving electric fans, deferral of plans and etc marked June 3. Why we should not take it as the temperature touched a new record. Tension has gripped the residents as the electricity supply continued to disrupt. “We felt like living around the Equator”, said an old man. There is no let up in the hot conditions of June Ki Dopharia. The fire is pouring in. We are scorching under persisting condition. It has now been confirmed that a human body can endure the temperature recorded on the third day of the sixth month this year.

However, the temperature touched the scale at 44.8 degrees which remained enough to cross over the past twenty year’s record. One young mother with her little son faced the heat stroke in Lal Bungalow area here on the day. She anyhow regained her normal physical condition but she experienced the fire of hell. She did not fail to say it was her good luck by the grace of God.  Blazing sun and hot cutting winds are flaming the whole of the body. She anyhow hired an electronic rickshaw to reach her house. Although she was accompanied by her little son, yet the little boy did not lose his mental presence in helping his mother in every possible way.

There were scant people on the road as the little one told. Experts relate this unusual condition with blowing of the western winds and cloudless clear sky. They did not comprehend sudden shoot in the temperature on the day. It was way back in 1997 this temperature crossed this mark. But if we throw our attention of this particular day from the year 2010 we would find that the year 2010 and the year 2012 were definitely hotter with the temperature marking 44 degrees and 44.4 degrees respectively. Sudden climb in temperature appeared owing to the Indo-Pak cricket battle. There could have been other adulterated reasons too.