Never steal either heart or other thing

22, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

As soon as he opened the door to her, she divulged out in the doorway. She said without delay her mobile has been stolen.

He became anxious to know who, how and where. Why did you not run after him? He further enquired. Those moments were so scary that stopped time for me. She maintained adding that she would never forget those moments

She, in particular, stated, “How could she forget? She would carry those horrible moments with her; constantly bear in the back of her mind, forever ungrateful to those street snatchers.

That latest model was quite expensive which he had purchased for her a few months ago. Some days were worse than others, but for the most part, she did never a chance to secure the mobile and used to be very cautious for the mobile, the handy electronic gadget.

She realized she would actually never put out of her perceptible mind the painful truth behind what occurred to her.

She also could also not stop assuming for there were developing long painful stories in her head that were definitely not doing her any help.

This incident has broken her so badly. It is desperate or despairing feeling. “The thief will never be happy with the mobile,” she sadly said. Such bad deeds seldom cause happiness in the life.

All those thoughts were coming into her brains because she was missing the mobile touch in the palm of her sleek hands.

With a heavy heart, she did not control herself saying that those who indulge in pilferage have to repent all through their life.

Hearing her poignant expressions he uttered: Whatever you had just declared could not be rejected. You could say seeing at his misery that he was still feeling sorrow for stealing your heart two years ago.