Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Not jeans, fit body brings gravity

11, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Who does not like to put on jeans in the fashionable days? This coarse fabric is widely used for the routine dress. The modern trend of wearing jeans is prevalent in urban as well rural surroundings. Everyone has a definite alternative to either put on the low-waist jeans or the tight jeans or the ripped jeans. It is obviously a western dress and as the fashion designers also brought jeans in the name of fashion. Every fabric comes into use and this cloth has not diminished its style and customers’ engaging value. It was at this time turned into a comfortable dress.

It has nothing to do with what one thinks about this dress. One is free to have on what suits one’s taste. If men in the low-waist jeans are not able to develop a spirit of fearlessness, it is solely an individual’s problem; it can be equated with their physical problem. The recent statement should have been intended for making a muscular body.

If the men or boys would be an extra attentive in making their bodily form powerfully built, the crisis of the physical variance will no longer persist. When the country is advancing towards a new direction, the fitness is also being addressed with ample uprightness. Definitely, a healthy body deserves applause all the time. We have lately learnt that our lady wrestlers won encomiums in the international sporting events.

So, there is no harm in putting a robust body for the menfolk. There is no need for additional words, just the common requirement of fit and perfect physique is all that connected with our aspirations in the shade of positive outlook. A strong and sturdy body adds to confidence and completes the composure. There remains no anxiety and the tone of voice becomes clearly perceptible.