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Very odd the way things happen

19, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: He was a young boy with mild manners. His answer to every query was correct. But he was not ready to accept his status going to be changed into a labour if he joins work as a helper on a site. Though his father objected to his mistaken step, his mind did not favour an elder’s suggestion. How can a father’s advice be wrong? Once he decided to work and earn he moved to undertake the risk. He wanted to learn something on the ground level so he left his village house in Bihar. He himself was unsure of his future.

Despite being a son of the village headman he did not know where to go or what to do. However, he was on his mission to find some job for himself. He wants to try and earn his living but really that is not so easy as it sounds. He was ready to face the risk as he was not trained for anything. His elder brother was employed in some sort of technical work after attaining his education from Kolkata. But he did not find any scope in learning from Bihar. He completed his high school from his state board.

By his talks, it appeared as if he wanted to fly like birds in the open sky. He wanted freedom, he liked unshackled life. He knew that hardships would come in his way but he did not deter from his courageous move. He cleared his disinterest in the farming despite parental land in scarce extent. His parents are old and he was disturbed by the hours-long scooty driving as he revealed when he was asked about the reason behind the migration. He showed no liking for working in the foreign lands. He lacked the experience of life but wanted to experience it through his own way.