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Who was offhand in terrible talk?

12, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Since the Goods & Services Tax has been promulgated there is criticism. Even its slabs were fluctuating time and again. There is even demand for the relief under this act regime. The traders were not looking wholly satisfied with its purpose.

The ruling party finds it quite suitable while the Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi has termed it as Gabbar Singh Tax.

However, a totally different perception rules the common man’s mind. Actually what it is and what has been achieved by its use remains unanswered. What the public had so far received in its name was merely price hike.

Oblivious to its known sense one couple was constantly arguing over common household matters and the wife was bringing to use the term GST time after time. Disturbed by this awkward situation, the husband did not understand her intense inclination towards this propensity.

He began to think whether it was the result of extraordinary emotive connection or something more he would never know.

They got into a big fight because one statement annoyed her on one balmy Thursday evening. She was feeling idiotic and discarded at his very words. Things did not fizzle out so as to get the chance to find the middle ground.

At last the husband thought it fit to ask for frequent use of the term GST. The wife enraged with husband’s garrulous nature decided to explain the tongue exercise with that popular word. She was certainly not a terrible talker. She said that the letter ‘G’ stands for galti, ‘S’ for sirf and ‘T’ for tumhari. It was a unique expansion in social lexis.

The husband was thinking if the twentieth century’s second half witnessed the ideological fight for couple’s emotive issues the first half of the twenty-first century understood the man-wife rivalry as a compulsion.