Friday, 15th November, 2019

Person walks out of discussion after disagreement; phenomenon could be contagious

29, Oct 2018 By Gatha

A person walked out of a discussion after a disagreement with whom the discussion was underway. This is latest in a series of “walkings out” happening when two people were talking and one of them abandoning the issue at hand. Such cases of dismissal of basic civility and decency are on the rise.

In a previous instance, two friends stopped talking, and in another instance, an abandonment was involved, whether of the person or the issue, it is unclear.

All cow vigilantes fighting amongst themselves

Researchers warn that such cases might rise even more so because it is a contagious phenomenon, and could spread via air or what the researchers call “broadcast.” This gets further impetus when certain agents increase what the researchers call “validation”. The victim often loses his or her ability to think independently. In extreme cases, only the information which is “agreeable” gets ingested, the rest is “rejected” by the body. Sometimes, there could be blindness.

The said person, whose identity would be kept anonymous was talking to this other person, whose identity would be kept hidden for their safety’s sake. There was a disagreement. Ordinarily, there would have been an agreement to disagree, but this phenomena nulls any possibility of discussion and debate.

The person who was walked out on says. “I had not even finished but then this one suddenly started to breathe heavily. Before I could provide some facts and statistics, they just left.”

The person continues, “I realised I might be wrong, and when I tried to ask them to give me more knowledge and information about the topic, they said it’s of no use, that I wouldn’t understand. They didn’t even tell me if we could meet some other time.” The person later saw a “post” by this person who proudly talked about their “walking away”. Several of their “followers”, who are suspected victims of the phenomenon, agreed that the right lesson had been taught. Some even made jokes.

Increasingly, such public pronouncements are happening, which leads to infections.

How does one shield oneself from this contagion?

Researchers say as of now, there’s no cure. But there are some preventive measures one might take:

  1. ┬áDon’t stand on higher grounds. Rather, try to stand under.
  2. Don’t go too close to the polar regions.
  3. Make sure you consume the food that is well-cooked. Anything half-baked is fatal.
  4. Eat well. And eat a lot. The more you eat, the more you would shield yourself.
  5. Avoid indigestion. The best way to ensure this is to follow point number 3.
  6. A balanced diet is important. Too much of anything might prove degenerative for your vision.
  7. Avoid areas of drilling if you are prone to sensitivity.
  8. Avoid playing games like make-believe, cocoon-cocoon.
  9. Clean your windows, and if you wear spectacles, clean them well too. Again, a clear unfiltered vision is one of the best preventive measures.
  10. Avoid using headphones or earphones too much, especially if you are prone to deafness, or what the researchers call “selective deafness.”
  11. Exercise.
  12. Be paranoid.

Interestingly, those, other than our researchers, warning against the contagion are said to be increasingly retreating underground, or in some cases, undercover.