Politics impacts marriage too

14, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Is it a case of love marriage or society’s non-approval to their love? It is now in the court to decide the right thing. In a state like Karnataka where assembly elections are going to be conducted at its declared date is supposed to have been gripped with a case of thwarted marriage.

According to the reports the couple is concerned about their security and yearns for their identity to remain covered. The apex court will hear their case in the next month as one of the couples has approached the judiciary through her lawyer. The Karnataka state police have been directed to provide ample protection to the couple.

As they vehemently beg for their formal union through the sanctity of the marriage vows, the court of law stands for providing them complete justice under the law of land. It does not matter whether her father is bonded with the Bhartiya Janata Party or he belongs to the Congress party. They merely desire to marry and unite for the rest of their life.

Why does the society oppose solemnisation of the marriage when mutual understanding between two different people happens to be the sole foundation of the wedded life? What truly avoid love marriage are different caste, diverse religion and dissimilar people. However, what remains worth surprising is the political mileage the political parties could aspire to take of this particular case. When the

Politics have seeped into areas of our routine lives, the marriage is also not wholly safe from its disturbing brunt.

Marriage is simply a recognised relationship based on the trust and commitment. But the unkind society goads them to admit certain defined social norms for this very connection. This has been a reality since the human society came into existence. The complications do arise in the marriages.