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PTM: Dissection day for students

03, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

After a lengthy wait, his turn came to know of the teacher’s exact opinion regarding the ward studying in the junior class at one of the prestigious schools in the Cantonment area. He was standing before the class teacher but she was busy conversing with other parents. The moment she turned her face he lost no time in asking, “What about this boy, madam?” The occasion was definitely the school’s Parent-Teacher Meeting. With a blinking pause, she uttered that he was a lazy boy.

This was not so much bitter conclusion as it was a direct telling of what she would have decided to say. Upon hearing the class teacher’s one-word postulation the boy’s father added that he was shy too.

When father saw son's result
PTM of college students

It is seconds later, the genial teacher without delay proceeded to further speak that he was both shy and lazy. The little student feeling utterly relaxed as he had faced not enough embarrassment before his father.

He became so dysphoric that the tears were stinging his eyes by listening to the hard way the teacher was telling the wards’ flaws which caused even the most talkative and stylish mothers to maintain silence at the time.

Each parent listening own ward’s story between the fears and anxieties was supposed to be thinking unexpected. While the wards in their precocious minds pondered that Jesus Christ did certainly not die for their kind of disobedience.

The PTM is, of course, a day of appraisal for every individual student as the teacher, the pupil and the parents stand face to face. At this time, it is only the class teacher speaks and others listen attentively. Undeniably, Kabir’s couplet about the value of tutor rebounded in the parents’ minds when they found themselves standing meekly before the teacher so long as her fume continued.