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Railways gives relief to Mumbai commuters on 3 years of NDA, said it'll​ establish "Changing Rooms" at local stations

01, Jun 2017 By Himanshu Nyati

Mumbai. Since Suresh Prabhu has taken the charge of Railways Ministry, the department has been quite progressive in terms of it’s development and service. The department is proactive to the needs of the people. We’ve seen new flagships routes being emerged, express trains on roll, efficient fuel combustion, and quick correction to the complaints. Recently NDA has completed their 3 years as ruling party in India #RailVikaske3saal. While the igniting friendship b/w commuters and deptt, Suresh Prabhu’s team has settled to provide ease to the commuters of aamchi Mumbai, especially white collar, by erecting mini Changing/ Trial Rooms at fast-track platforms of local stations.

Suresh Prabhi seeing people's reaction
Suresh Prabhi seeing people’s reaction

As per commuter Mr. Deshpande, an employee, “This is a very good initiative. On daily basis, I travel through local to my workplace in Dadar. Sporting formal wear, I leave my residence in a happy mood. Meanwhile in the locomotive, and at the time of alighting, my clothes crushes as if I were a street side beggar, and many of us have to face the sham of recovery-dressing at the platform itself. My boss also curses for cheap dressing sense. Thanks to Railways. Now, even if it won’t do much about the ironing, I would be saved from being ashamed by dressing in front of public.” Other passengers were also ecstatic about the announcement and served prasad within the locomotives.

Kudos to Railways for coming with such an idea. This would certainly add confidence about Railways in the minds of commuters, as they’ll be able to dress well, and avoid lewd comments from their bosses. It can’t do much about the crowd, but this might help it to attract more public to use it’s services. As of now the services has been extended to Dadar, Andheri, Borivali and Nalasopara in Western region, and Kalyan, Thane, Kurla and Dadar(C) in Central region.