My relation with a Mumbai autowala

02, Jan 2019 By abhinav

I and the autowala have a typical girlfriend boyfriend type relationship. Whatever I say or do, most of the times it will get turned down. Same as when you try to catch an auto, he’ll say – nahi jaega, ulta jana padega, gas khatam hai and so on. Still, there are a few days when your girlfriend is rickshaw

The same happened to me the other day. Got lucky when I got the auto in just one request. I was elated. The last time I was so happy when I booked a Tatkal ticket for Diwali. Anyways coming to the point,  getting an auto was like an adrenaline rush and for a moment I thought to list it as an achievement on my Linkedin profile! Soon the ride started. Journey was long hence I thought to start a conversation to kill my time.

The first question was – Bhaiyya U.P. se ho? With mouth full of Rajnigandha, I got a nod from him. Later on, he released the pressure by giving footpath a beautiful red colour paint and started a proper conversation. Discussion ranged from a wide range of topics like why Taimur cried yesterday to aliens kidnapping an Indian cow. Life was going pretty smooth, suddenly got a big blow. Autogas exhausted! I was back to where I started, standing on road and begging. Autowalas kept passing by, some smiled as if showing me a middle finger. Finally, I got one after 10 autos. The journey restarted. Mumbai’s traffic is so slow that it can be compared to a file moving in a government department. Anyways, no option, I again started talking to my newly found love. Topics ranged from who will become PM of India to dwindling career of Bobby deol. I finally reached my destination bidding farewell to my saviour who gave me a secret tabeez which will help me to get a yes from autowalas in future!