Residents' bid worked to run water pump

12, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: United stand really eliminates the persisting adversity. But how many of us do apply this belief in our routine life? Were the seven residents of the building apprehended the point, they would not have been troubled for the drinking water. Peculiarly enough, they were reeling under the water problem since the Tuesday morning but took up ardent approach. As every resident was entrusted for seeing the water storage into the cemented tank atop the building for one full month, it was commonly deemed that the responsible person would see to it with awareness. Though this responsibility was attended by them accordingly, they did not follow exactly this point on the occasion.

Pitifully, two families were adopting immature attitude because of their unvarying whims. Was it not their sheer selfish attitude? When they were also equally consuming the quantity of water, others expected of their responsible attitude suitably. Water is a very precious thing for our life’s sustenance. This very realism comes to our simple understanding only when we face the paucity of the water. Every resident was aware of his accountability but each was awaiting initiative by another. As none of the residents repaired the persisting imperfection, the water crisis worsened with the hours passing by. As many as seven residents were uneasy with this water scarcity owing to the sudden fault in the power connection.

At last, the second-floor resident worried with acute water problem suggested another resident touch the loose wire linked with the electric pole cable by the long bamboo stick. It was only after nine in the night the jugaad method struck the mind and this process brought the electric current to run the water pump motor. Every resident used to cooperate in undertaking the faults but these two residents feel differently. The remaining residents appeared helpless owing to one humble neighbour’s absence as his balcony was quite close to the electric cable. This facilitated easy mending but what was destined to happen cannot be prevented. The surprising matter was that the neighbour also arrived shortly after the electric current was restored.