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Road mishap due to biker not breaking lane rules

22, Aug 2018 By Ms. Buch

In a road accident near Hinjewadi, Faking news reporters pulled out in depth information of what exactly happened and the cause was quite bizarre!

When interviewed, the project manager with nearby IT company expressed his disbelief on how a biker can be so disciplined.

Mr. Vishwanathan said “I was returning from office in my brand new Maruti Alto.”

An otherwise efficient biker
An otherwise efficient biker

He explained “Based on my experience of how bikers drive across the lanes, I was sure that the biker ahead of me will take the serpentine route and win the race of reaching home first. I kept driving my new Alto at consistent speed.”

Shocked Vishwanathan said “But this guy on bike was completely unaware of the two-wheelers driving rules in India. He stuck to his lane and BANG!! My Alto dashed with his funky sports bike.”

Mr. Project Manager is now busy with getting his damaged Alto repaired .

Meanwhile, the Sports bike rider is apparently unaware of the incident as there was no chance of bike getting damaged by Maruti Alto.

When checked further with Mr. Vishwanathan if he filed FIR against the biker, he told us “I’m not lodging any complaint, I’m sure the biker is a fellow Sachin fan as he was wearing helmet at the time of incident.”