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Rohit Sharma restores faith on Sharma ji Ka Beta

06, Jun 2017 By AmWit

While the whole of India waited until the middle of the 2nd innings of the high-profile India-Pakistan tie of the ICC Champions Trophy, Shalabh Sharma, son of Mr. Amarinder Sharma of the Shanti Housing Society of Greater Noida, started celebrating just after India finished batting. Surprised by series of hashtags, our journalist visited the Sharma’s to find out what the actual matter was.

“I was ecstatic when I saw Rohit Sharma scoring the highest number of runs. India’s score and the win didn’t matter much. It was all about Sharma ji.” Not sure of what Shalabh’s intentions were, our journalist spoke to his neighbors, the Guptas. “Shalabh, popularly known as Sharma ji ka beta, has always been the benchmark of comparison in our society. He had never held anything other than the first rank in class in his entire school life. Our kids have been brought up showing him as the role model. They take his blessings before every exam, read his notes every evening.rohit-sharma

But this year, things went for a toss!” Said Mr. Gupta in a low voice. On inquiring further, he said “This year in the CBSE class 10th board exams, Sharma ji ka beta scored only 99.4% whereas Aggarwal ji ka beta, who stays in the next building scored 99.6% out of nowhere. Sharma ji ka beta lost all relevance in our society and it has been difficult for the Sharmas ever since the results have come out.” Mrs. Gupta joined in, “Maybe after seeing another Sharma ji ka beta scoring the highest number of runs out of all Indians, they could not control their feelings.”

The Aggarwals were not available and the chowkidar said that they have gone to Kota to enroll their son for the IIT entrance exam preparations. He further added that as a counter to the Aggarwals, the Sharmas are planning to knock their Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s door for guidance regarding IIT and UPSC.

On bringing up this matter to a close aide of Mr. Kejriwal, he said, “Mr. Kejriwal has not yet received any such proposals, but giving tuitions for IIT can be a good backup plan for him given his decreasing relevance in state polls and national media debates.”

Ajay Taken from the Congress camp further added “Kejriwal has always asked for other’s mark sheets. This time he should prove what he has actually learned in the IIT”

No one from the BJP camp was available for comment as they were busy liking and sharing the PM’s foreign tour pictures.