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Sale of pink pants go through the roof in National Capital

24, Oct 2018 By Dumb doc

Apparel stores in the national capital region are witnessing a sharp spike in the sale of pink pants among men. Yes, you read that right – pink, once scoffed as an effeminate colour choice for men, is suddenly turning heads.

The shopkeepers that we spoke to have attributed this recent change in trends to a range-fit-stretch-cotton-pant-medium-824811

Pink is in such red-hot form that almost all the popular brands’ apparel outlets had run out of pink pants within a day of the video going viral. Insider reports reveal that shopkeepers have begun hoarding pink pants and selling them in black, well not quite literally. One of the store owners of a popular brand in the Connaught Place region in Delhi said on a lighter note: “Orange may be the new black for you ladies, but for us, pink is the new black.” His views may not find favour with the law enforcement agencies, but as far as the display of a manly image is concerned, traditionally, black has been the favourite of dress designers.

Our reporter witnessed comical scenes outside luxury hotels and popular multiplex-shopping malls when scores of young men uniformly dressed in pink pants were seen painting the town red. Well, to their credit, more pink-pants donning men were accompanied by female friends than those without.

The trends have not left the kids and their parents untouched either. Pinki, one of the kids’ apparel store operators whom we spoke to, revealed how feisty mothers used to get upset with their boys when they displayed a liking for pink colours; however, they are now seen browsing through shades of pink pants for their young boys.

This sudden shift in clothing trends is worrying at some level because now one cannot be sure when a man with a pointed gun and wearing no pants may reverse the trends again.