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SC finds that relative guilty of asking the new couple to have a baby soon

01, Jul 2017 By Rajesh Choudhary

In a case that outraged the nation, the Supreme Court today, in a first of its kind case, convicted the Phupha Ji of the newly wed couples, Bablu and Babita, as he was found guilty under Article 420(1) read with proviso (b) to Article 13(1) of the Constitution for not minding his own business and asking the couple to have a baby soon.

“We are of the considered view that Phupha Ji has committed the crime of interfering in other people’s privacy. His actions constitute, a) giving undue advice and b) focusing on other people’s lives so that he can avoid thinking about his own, which according to us are of the gravest nature. We convict him by sentencing to imprisonment for 6 months or until his death; whichever comes later”, said the 7 judge bench headed by Chief justice.

Phuphaji used to call the couple everyday for having a baby soon
Phuphaji used to call the couple every morning for having a baby soon

Earlier, the defense had argued by citing the history of similar instances where families had put pressure on women to give birth to baby boy and no one faced any trial. The prosecution, however, rejected the entitlement with which people interfere in personal affairs and termed it “irritating and rubbish”.

When Phupha Ji was given a chance to plead guilty, he refused and said, “I have always told others what to do in life. I don’t know what the problem is this time”. When the Court inquired “What if the girl is not ready?” He yelled “Why even ask her?”, and the Court observed that like many Indian men, he too seemed alien to the concept of consent.

“We want to take our time. In arranged marriages, people grow to learn to love”, Bablu expressed his concern to our reporter.

“Already a baby? I haven’t even started tagging Bablu on random Facebook posts.” Babita wondered.

Taking a suo motu cognizance, President Pranab Mukherjee termed this unpardonable. The constitution of India, under Article 72, empowers President to grant pardons in certain cases. He, however, has rejected a total of 30 mercy pleas during his tenure.

“There should be one term for such Presidents who never pardon. And just one term, no second term”, Phupha Ji shouted in anger to our reporter.