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Sex to turn mama's boys into husbands: Bechari Bahu Association

17, Dec 2016 By Feminist: To Be or Not to Be

The ‘All India Bechari Bahu Association’ recently passed a resolution which asks all it’s members to use sex to turn Mama’s boys into husbands. The President of ‘Bechari Bahu Association’, Ekta Kapoor, (producer of on-screen Bechari Bahus), informed FN, “We have passed this resolution after repeated complaints from Bechari Bahus. We will be giving every Bahu, a free copy of Kamasutra, my personal porn collection and lifetime supply of flavored condoms”.

One of the Bahus said, “Mama’s boy syndrome has become an epidemic in India. Men suffering from the disease show symptoms like- comparing their wives to their mothers, missing ‘Maa ke Hath ka Khana’ and my mother is always right. The only medicine found effective in treating the disease is ‘Sex’.”

All India Mother in Laws Association popularly known as ‘Sasu Maa Ki Aankh’ will protest against the use of this weapon at Jantar Mantar. “We will protest until our sons promise to have sex with their wives only when we demand grandchildren of them.” Mother-in-laws fear that rampant use of sex will expose their hypocrisy. They won’t be able to make the following statements in the same breath now- “Bahu ko samjha dena 1 BHK ki zidd chor de!!! 2BHK le. Hamara bhi ana jana laga rahega”. and “Tumhari Behen ki saas kitni interfering hai… bechari meri phool si bachhi apne man ka kuch kar hi nahi pati. jab tab chhuttiyon me pahuch jati hai uske paas”.

When the FN reporter suggested, ” You can also use this against your mother in laws!!” A prompt reply came ” Our mother in laws are either dead or too old to interfere in our lives. Our husbands have become bald, fat and unattractive and don’t have stamina to perform their conjugal duties. This weapon is of no use to us”

Men as always have refused to take a stand.