Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

South Mumbai Rallies for the Right to Bear Arms

13, Apr 2018 By zoomout

Scores of South Mumbai residents who were dismayed with the success of the recently held Anti Gun protest held their own counter-rally for the Right to Bear Arms. The organizers said that they wanted to fight for the constitutional right to carry guns. When this correspondent clarified that India’s constitution does not actually have a provision for citizens to carry guns, the organizers had a puzzled look since they were organizing the rally as (wanna-be) Americans.

While the rally got off to a slow start, it got a sudden boost in numbers when marching from one end of Azad Maidan to the other end when a dozen young women wearing sleeveless blouses joined them.

However the organisers’ exuberance was shortlived when they realized that that ladies were not shouting any slogans and instead of marching with authority, would now and then pause to strike poses and smile. The organizers realized that the ladies were simply modeling for Times of India’s news story on the Right to Bare Arms.

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