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Startup gets Govt Jobs for more than 300 people in less than 10 months

30, Jun 2019 By pratikdeo


Continuing the tradition of Indian Companies, a company’s Founder has requested the Govt of India to save his company from going bankrupt and pay the pending salaries of its employees of the last 8 months.

While talking to the Founder, our correspondent asked him to explain his story and how did he reach such a critical stage?start-up job

From the reply it seems that the Founder got this idea to start his company after he saw so many people standing in support of Jet Airways and BSNL. He believed that with such good hearted citizens of this country standing up for the future of the jobs of so many good people, he could hire people in his team who have the aspirations to get govt jobs without ever being responsible to get anything done.

Business Plan

So, approximately 10 months back he started working on a startup idea where he could get people into govt jobs, that too without ever doing a single work. He reached out to various coaching institutes across the country who prepare millions of candidates for govt jobs for years without ever getting anyone in.

The institutes without any hesitation agreed to help him with such candidates. What’s amazing is that many of them were even willing to pay for the costs.

However the Founder being true to his goal, never took any money from them. A test of approximately 1,000 candidates was conducted, and After interviewing 200 candidates, offers were extended to at least 250 candidates with the joining date of exactly 8 months back from the date of getting this news published.

The candidates were asked to not do anything, nor worry about generating any revenue for the company, neither were they given any job responsibilities. Based on the years they had spent preparing for getting into a get job, they were assigned positions in the organisation, with salaries range no from Rs. 30,000 per month to Rs. 80,000 per month with promise of retirement benefits.

In fact, a bonus was announced for candidates who had appeared for exams for Govt Peons as well as for Bank POs, as it proved their dedication towards getting a govt job. As expected, a total of 300 candidates joined on the date given.

Execution of the Plan

Being true to the founders goal, the company did not generate Any revenue in the last 8 months, and the company did not pay any salaries to the employees. However, as these 350 employees were dedicated towards getting a govt job at any cost, they continued coming to the office for the last 8 months, as they knew that once the goal was fulfilled, these 8 months of doing nothing would become a part of their on the job training and they would continue to do nothing but will get their salaries from the tax money paid by the others.

However, every once in a while they continued to blackmail various people around them to get some jobs done in return of paying them extra as they knew that it’s a very much required skill set to flourish once they get govt jobs.

In 8 months, the company has generated zero revenue, has blackmailed more than 1500 people into paying them various “Bakshish” for their kids n family on various celebrations with an underlying threat that if they don’t pay they won’t be able to get anything done ever from these employees.

Now the Founder has approached the govt to please pay the salaries of his employees and save his company by taking over his company so that his promise of govt job to these employees could be fulfilled.

Upon asking: what he plans to do next once the govt pays the salaries of these employees and takes over his company?

The Founder replied that since the announcement of his situation he has been getting a lot of support from across the country as it’s very much required to save his company through govt funds.

Also, there is a lot of pressure on him to start another and bigger company now once this gets taken by the govt. So, he plans to start with a bigger plan based on the same business model and he is very optimistic that he would get the support of the whole country in his next plan. He already has a pool of over 50,000 candidates for this next venture.

Our reported after the submission of this story has resigned and has joined the Founder to build his next company as even he was a misguided youth who had joined journalism 1 year back after trying to clear govt jobs for 4 years without success.

With wishes for Luck and achieving goals.