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State buses to not just fine, but tie up foot-boarding offenders in front of the bus

25, May 2017 By Beer & Biryani
The foot-boarders

Mumbai: Unable to bear the menace faced by those who want to board or get down the bus, controllers of state run buses have decided to tie up foot boarding offenders in front of the bus as a punishment for the offence instead of just fining them.

Speaking to Faking News, controller Mr. Srinivas said, “Those who foot-board get caught without ticket most of the times. Not buying a ticket is still ok, as the fine imposed in such cases is a major source of income for state run buses.”

“However, when the same person does foot-boarding, the fine is huge but chances of him running away are more. Also, we are unsure if that guy will reach his destination or not, making it difficult for him to repeat the offence and thus pay the fine.”

“As a win-win situation, we plan to collect the fine as well as tie the offender in front of the bus so that everyone knows they’ve foot-boarded.”

When asked to think about humanity before taking such decisions, Mr. Srinivas said, “Where is the humanity when they eve-tease standing on the foot-board? Or when they startle the driver by hitting the bus hard whenever they want?”

Meanwhile, college students seem to have questions on whether the punishment will apply if foot-boarding is done onĀ 2nd and 3rd steps while skipping the most thrilling first step? And if there is any waiver for top colleges?