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Sugary names cause diabetes

27, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One diabetic patient known by the pet name of Laddu and father of three sons told that his intake of market foods was his compulsion. As the doctor has advised consuming a small quantity of allowed food several times in a total length of the day, it was followed by me to save the life.The doctors’ pressure turns the patient’s necessity.

With the increasing number of diabetes patients, there are advertisements to caution the patients from the effects of this deadly disease. The patients are advised to follow various measures in order to control their sugar level. These days every diabetic patient possesses the handy kit. There was a time when we used to find a thermometer to check fever in certain households but now the people stay alerts by keeping every necessary health kit at home.

None initially understands that one has been suffering from diabetes. When one married couple contacted a doctor at the clinic, they were advised to go through the blood test. Being young in the age they never fathomed of their ailment. When they got to know of their blood test report they were surprised to find them positive for diabetes.

They were easily not able to digest this medical fact. Even their family members were not suffering from this fatal disorder. The doctor tried to know exact cause behind this syndrome. Every detail was discussed. At last the doctor reached the real reason. He learnt that the couples fell to this kind of complaint owing to their practice of addressing each other as sweetie, cake, pie, sweetheart, jaanu, laddu, rasgulla and similar names.

The doctor warned them not to use these sugar coated names. He suggested to start making use of the suffixes like aloe vera, heeng, hari mirch, kali mirch lahsun, pyaz, jamun and so on. This can be the best antidote for getting rid of diabetes.