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SUVs to be tested on Bangalore roads

22, Oct 2017 By Krithika Shekhar

The monsoons this year have left the roads of Bangalore in a right state. Bangaloreans took to social media to complain about the condition of the drainage systems and flooding, which resulted in predictable responses from the authorities.

However, one set of people have managed to find a bright ray of sunshine through the monsoon clouds.

A tough challenge ahead for
A tough challenge ahead for SUVs

Said Mr. Piyush Paranthe, MD of ‘Ogilvy An-other’, “The only thing that drives people in the creative field is the ability to spot opportunities that nobody else has. We’ve taken the initiative of pitching an epic idea to our automobile clients. They constantly come to us with requests of transporting to-be-launched SUVs to places across India for ad shoots. But the roads in Bangalore work better in all aspects – you will find all kinds of terrain – bumpy, muddy, off-road (which is basically the whole city), right here in Bangalore! Our clients save on transportation and production costs, and city dwellers will get a practical demonstration of how these cars are equipped to handle city terrain.”

He also mentioned future plans of approaching the Karnataka Tourism department so they could market the condition of the city and it’s roads better. Representatives of the Tourism Department could not be reached for comment over the phone since most of their phones were drenched in the rains.