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Techie's wife seeks divorce as hubby asks for lunchbox on Friday

28, Apr 2017 By Whiny Btch

A Bengaluru techie’s wife has sought divorce from her husband who, on Thursday unwittingly enquired what she would pack for lunch on Friday.

In her complaint, the shocked wife has pleaded for an immediate separation as she could not bear the trauma of the hubby asking for lunch box on a Friday.

"Hey I asked for just Lunch. 'Box' was something you heard all by yourself like everyday" Techie trying to sooth his wife
“Hey I asked for just Lunch. ‘Box’ was something you heard all by yourself like everyday” Techie trying to sooth his wife

“Which Benagluru techie does not have a team-lunch on Friday afternoon followed by a drinks-party in the evening? How can the despot subject me to such humiliation by asking what’s for lunch on a Friday”, the woman has recorded in her statement to the police.

The wife’s nightmare began on late Thursday evening, when as usual, the techie returned late in the night and lay down on the bed without even removing his shoes. While the wife was busy catching up on her daily soap, the husband is alleged to have posed this rather cruel question.

“I cannot live with a man who couldn’t remember which day of the week it is and what gets packed for lunch. This could be a sign of Alzheimer’s. His parents or him never mentioned of any disability- mental or physical- at the time of marriage”, the wife is said to have alleged in her statement.

A lawyer at the Family Court, on being contacted for a comment, remarked that the scum bag must be taught a lesson he will never forget in his life. She added that home makers deserve equal opportunities to relax and party as their hard working husbands.

The beleaguered techie’s pleas that his team minus him was in a day-long training where pizzas would be served and hence his inadvertent request fell on deaf ears.

The Sub inspector of the Bengaluru police station where the case was filed has meanwhile sought details of the bar he frequents on Fridays and the route he takes back home. “Now that he is on our record books, we will ensure the rascal doesn’t go home drunk ever,” he said.