Un-authorized Money Movers report being robbed by Public

25, Feb 2019 By MadinIndia

Noida: In an unprecedented move, a team of professional unauthorized money movers in Noida have reported that they were robbed of more than Rs.20lakhs. (hqdefault

After relieving the burden of ATM officials of a tune of Rs.40lakhs, the victims were moving towards their base location when they met with an accident.

A car coming from opposite direction hit their speeding bike because the car was going too slow. They also allege that the people of the country have no civic sense as they kept shouting at them for riding their bike on wrong side. On falling down, people instead of helping them scampered with a tune of Rs.20 lakhs from the cash that spilled out from their bag.

“This is a sad day for our country. Never in my life have I met people who don’t have any regard for other’s safety and property,” said Nanhe, one of the unauthorized money movers who was mentally traumatized after the incident.