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Unsatisfied with low pollution, Delhiites to burn crackers after celebrating Holi

01, Mar 2018 By Manish Paul

Unable to breathe in relatively cleaner air, residents of Delhi have decided to burn crackers to reignite the polluted spirit of Delhi. The pollution levels have fallen to “dangerous” from “killer” over the last few months. This has had a negative impact on Delhi’s residents, with most of them complaining about how they were finding it difficult to breathe in cleaner air.

“I got so used to breathing in pollution that cleaner air makes my lungs unhealthy now. I can not tolerate this improvement in air quality.”, said Dhuendaar Singh who was seen taking out his left over crackers. On being asked why he hadn’t burned all his crackers on Diwali, he said that they were unable to see their crackers bursting on Diwali due to smog.

“I bought 300 masks and an air filter for my family last year and now I can my kids in masks again. I’m glad that a much needed change is here. I had also taken Asthma Care Package for future from a nearby hospital but declining pollution after Diwali had made me extremely sad that I would never get to use it. I love this new idea of bursting crackers.”, said Phepde Kumar.

Usually seen as the festival of colors, Holi is now all set to be seen as Delhi’s half-yearly pollution causing festival. Residents of Karol Bagh are very excited about this and believe this is the only positive change under Kejriwal government as they can not wait till Diwali to raise the smog level. Doctors, pharmacies and air purifier companies have braced themselves for this positive change in the attitude of Delhiities and have promised to serve everyone whole heartedly.

Some residents have also requested crackers to be burst on Good Friday and Baisakhi to keep the tradition going.