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Wedlock splits words' real meaning

07, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: One stylish woman joined a spoken English class. She started attending the classes regularly. She remained quite concentrated on her learning the foreign language. She wanted to complete the language course within the fixed duration. Even the tutors were surprised to see her deep interest. They began to guide her with easier ways. Along with other important class works she was also given the task of remembering tough words for enhancing her capability. Out of several words, two words such as finish and complete were also given. Despite easier words, she was yet not able to use these very words in a sentence. On reaching her home she discussed this simple matter to her husband.

Nonetheless, she was a little bit afraid of her husband’s annoyance at her stupidity. When the meaning was clear to her, the difference can be easily understood. But the woman’s brains appeared to have not been grasping it properly. At her continuous requests, the husband readied to explain the difference in detail. But he did not fail to mention the futility of attending the classes at a higher fee. He added that there was no use of sending you for learning classes if you did not comprehend such an easy and simple point. He even continued that it was the British Princess Kate Middleton who also sought a tutor’s help for speaking posh English but what to say of you.

In the meantime, the husband cleared the exact difference. She told her disturbed wife first to relax and gulp down a glass of cold water. She followed the order in toto and concentrated on her husband’s words. He said: Your life attained completeness following marriage with me. Likewise, my life finished after marriage with you. This was the simple difference that you were not realising for the past three months.