Winter has its side effects too

25, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the weather cycle has changed with the cold wind blowing fast, the required precautions are being taken up by the weather-beaten common people. There are some individuals who are getting warm by the hotness of the burning firewood; some other persons are staying inside the warm cosy rooms while there are so many people who have preferred to put on stylish warm dresses with a view to keep themselves quite clement. There are also a lot of others who believe in taking recourses to the much-admired traditional or customary methods. These ways also bring sufficient respite from the unbearable chilly weather.

On a usual evening conversation, a few experienced women were discussing at their different wintry days’ experience while standing on the steps of the staircase of their three-storey building. They were unanimous in accepting that the winter season always troubles them. One of them even stated that this season was supposed to be befallen on the females just to trouble them in various ways.

As we already know our country is famous for acclaimed Baba(s) for miracles, their devotees flock to them for the necessary advice in this regard too. One among them suggested the disciples take the water mixed with ajwain (an indigenous herb used in foods & medicines commonly). Being the spiritual Guru’s directive the followers followed this course suitably.

When the saner Baba was delivering his discourse it was not clearly audible to the audience. There was humming and hawing all around owing to the large crowd in the big hall. They were not competent to hear the Baba’s words capably. The staunch devotees sitting on the last three rows took the suggestion like this: drink water by mixing wine today (paani mein aaj wine daalkar peiyein). No wonder, every follower was feeling fresh afterwards.