Women felt nocturnal numbness amid iciness

27, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Last night was quite extraordinary for the stylish ladies attending the marriage party at a spacious plot of land here. Being the open space of the suburban area, colder weather’s impact was extremely realised by the guests present there. Undeniably the night temperature ranged between 10 and 9 degrees Celsius. They were not adorning the woollen pieces of clothing in order to show their designer dresses to one another.

Most of the women were quivering with the cold condition. They were quivering with the coldness but endeavouring to show as if they were not facing wintriness at the venue. All of them were entirely realising the intensity of the cold weather on a nippy night.

But how could they raise demand for either shawl or blanket to cover themselves up? The night temperature was fast running down. However, they wanted to maintain their make-up at any rate.

Meanwhile, two large sized electric heaters were arranged to console the shuddering souls. Even the young bride was not safe from the force of chilly condition. One heater was put on her seat’s side so that she could feel the warmth. Another electric heater was placed for the women badly requiring the fire for putting them warm,

They even did not fail to lick the ice-cream and cold drinks in freezing weather. They even preferred to sit under the open sky just to demonstrate their modernity.

More truthfully women heritably seem predisposed to pick up the speculation in the wrong direction. When they felt feverish on the next morning they realised their mistake of avoiding coat or sweater on that last night. They were not feeling at their best on the next morning. They realised that the fashion could not fight the cold.Their thoughts and mannerism were changing with the impact of technological advancements.