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Words were more vital than life

06, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Highly impressed with the girl’s intense affection for him, the young handsome boy promised her to marry soon. This was a firm promise to the girl studying in the engineering college. Both of them were not ignorant of the challenges which suddenly emerge after the arranged or the love marriage. What looks pleasant prior to the wedding rites turns out awful at the back of the practical realities. Everything becomes poles apart with the girlfriend changing the position of the wife. The monster of verbal Dangal overpower them and the daily spells of the argumentative tremor grasp them unendingly.

The boy was influenced by the girl’s beauty so he did not wait for enough to declare his decision of the marriage quite early. Finding a man with indomitable spirit and pledge the saw into him good future. So she became sure of his unchangeable assurance and one day conducted the registered marriage with the boy. Amazingly their parents were wholly unaware of this kind of development in another place. Both the girl and boy were staying in the different district for continuing their final year study. However, this matter could not remain concealed for long. Someone known to the lovers informed their respective parents.

As the study and love were continuing with the equal speed, the young hearts were not finding their distance bearable. While their parents decided not to oppose their move so the way for the marriage was clear for them. Considering over their parents’ broad-mindedness the youths left no time in completing the marriage procedures in the presence of their respective parents. The boy kept his promise which overjoyed the girl immensely. After passing of one long year a son was born to them. When the people heard of this real-life story they did not stop saying “Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye.”