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Yongsters seldom flinch from ferocity

16, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Father-son mess is habitually seen on the matter of study. The son does not show the tendency towards learning while the father craves for the son to remain attentive to the books, classes, and of course the examinations. Their tussle continues until elder one has reins of controlling power dearest son. The obedient son tries his level best to prove as much studious as he can possibly be. Burdened with his propensity the father misses no chance of directing the son to not to leave the schoolwork till tomorrow.

Some boys are as mischievous as they do not to overlook the opportunity to annoy the parents and even the relatives by the childish actions. During a course of casual conversation, one scientist relative of a precocious child asked about his future plans. He kept on explaining him in a roundabout way. Irked with the child’s impish imposture, the scientist advised him to put everything in a simple style. But he also made him aware of his rapid-fire questions one by one. The youngster seemed to have badly encircled into a complicated situation which compelled him to answer every query properly.

He readied himself after heaving a long breath. Both of them were face to face on the table. The relative placed his first important question: What have you thought to do after completing your class twelfth?  The reply sounded swiftly with this answer of thinking over it after the results. His nearest wanted his future planning just at the moment. So he decided on doing B.Tech from a prestigious university. Admission form was even submitted by me a week ago. Next question fired: If you failed to secure better ranking. Then the choice would fell on completing graduation. Still, further query placed: If you did not pass intermediate unluckily, what would you do then? Query after query led the young man to burn with anger and he said angrily, a relative’s murder cannot be avoided at all. Even my horoscope has displayed this cruel fact. The scientist was down with answer and moved away.