Aadhaar Card Mandatory for All IPL Players: Government

07, Apr 2017 By Aman Rana

5th April, Hyderabad: India’s most awaited cricket tournament, IPL is back and startedon 5th April. But what came as a shocking news was the Central Government making the Aadhaar card mandatory for IPL Franchise players.

“We have players coming from all over the world. To maintain a solid database and for identity issues, we want every player to have an Aadhaar card”, said a minister in an exclusive interview with Faking News! This mega announcement was made just before the opening ceremony the the 10th edition of the grand extravaganza.

An ideal and obedient and good player
An ideal and obedient and good player

“We are solely focusing on India’s development and that has always been our prime concern”, said Modi in an interview with Faking News. Party members Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah have shown strong support to the statement made by PM.

It will be interesting to watch all the players get in the queue for making the aadhaar card.

Some of the commentators like Shoaib Akhtar and Ramiz Raza claimed that they already have an Aadhaar card as they spend most of their time in India. BCCI have already got an Aadhaar cade made for them as they were often asked their original nationality while roaming around the streets of India.

The IPL has taken a sharp turn after this announcement. Shikhar Dhawan was seen standing in the queue with other RCB players. He said he had never stayed on the crease for so long.

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