After effects of Brazil Vs Germany semifinal match in world cup 2014

11, Jul 2014 By Fakerazzi

Germans have launched investigation to find out why they failed to win by 11-0. All players who failed to score a goal in this match are under suspicion for betting.

Mohun Bagan and others from Indian football have decided to organize a special Indian football league session in coming days with Brazil as special invitee.

Germany vs Brazil in FIFA World Cup
The trigger of all events

Indian football clubs have taken a vow not to invite Germany in foreseeable future.

Offices are  buzzing with impatient questioning about how players from an unknown league Bundesliga can do so better. If they never played in EPL or Spanish league, how could they be so good?

Angela merkel is planning to hitch a ride with Narendra modi on board his plane to Brasil.

Dilma roussef has sent an urgent missive to Shiela Dixit, Ajay Maken & Suresh kalmadi asking for the ways to handle this situation.

Liberals have started seeing Nazi hue in this annihilation. A twitter campaign has been launched to popularize the idea.

Deepak Chopra, Shri Shri ravi shankar and many more babas have shifted their bases to Brasil.

NSA has offered to run a mood altering experiment in collaboration with facebook in Brasil.

Brasil has decided that Hologram of Neymar would be used as one of their players going forward. Narendra Modi will train them in the art during his upcoming visit.

@PMOIndia is planning a series of encouraging tweets during the upcoming visit of PM to Brasil.

Sony six have reduced monthly rates to Rs 10. It will be free for anyone who cancelled it within 5 minutes of the match.

Twiterrati have started spamming twitter/FB handles of every German they can find.