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After India’s surprising 1-run victory against Bangladesh, people taking pride in being ‘single’

24, Mar 2016 By Sudhanshu Chopra

The reverberations of India’s thrilling 1-run victory over Bangladesh in World Cup T20 are here to stay for long. The win has not only restored people’s hope of India winning the Cup, but has also given a sense of pride to the single community (composed mostly of engineers) of the country.

The people who could not face the world a day ago, because of their being apparent failure at relationships have now started to come out. Morning after the match, Jantar Mantar witnessed a massive turnout with people marching in thousands, sporting ‘Proud To Be Single’ t-shirts, and burning posters of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

The life changing moment
The life changing moment

Rohan Kapoor, a third year student from Mechanical Engineering described the event as life-changing.

“I had to deactivate my Facebook because I could not bear to see my Relationship Status field showing Single all the time. There was a lot of peer pressure. I switched to running with Complicated for some while. But who was I kidding… Last night changed it all though. The times… they are changing now. I feel like activating my Facebook back. And you know what? I still remember the password,” said Rohan, breaking into sobs, and went back into the crowd.

The singlehood syndrome has taken over the virtual world too, with hashtags #singlehoodisthenewblack and #gottolovesinglehood flooding the social media. Online signature campaigns are also underway to identify singles from across the nation.

Meanwhile, the ratings of mobile applications like Tinder and other online dating portals have crashed sharply. A considerable number of people have uninstalled these applications from their phones, or logged out of them indefinitely. They are also spending less time on photoshopping their selfies, and are uploading them raw.

“What’s the point of editing when I don’t feel the urge to impress anyone anymore,” smiled Mukesh, who has 10 followers on Instagram.

The developments have shaken the world of the committed as well. There have been reports of couples breaking up because they now want to be a part of the elite single community. But the president of All India Singles’ Society, Narain Raje, who claims to have never gone out on a date in life has objected to including them.

“A person who has been in a relationship for even a minute cannot be a part of the AISS. It’s purity we look for.”

When asked whether divorced people will also be dealt with the same whip, he refused to comment.