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Anil Kumble- Victim of clichéd engineers blunder

26, Jun 2017 By patilatp

It might have come as a surprise to Mr. Anil Kumble that players and captain were not happy with his coaching technique but inherently he forgot that after all he is an Engineer! Like many of us the phenomenon of ‘Engineers blunder’ hit ‘Jumbo’ quite badly. ‘Engineers Blunder’ is a phenomenon where an engineer applies his solution gets the output but takes the blame and leaves when his solution fails. As rightly said by the father of our nation Mr.Gandhi that, “A true engineer gets the work done and leaves the workplace in dignity after a successful failure”. May be Gandhi was a super engineer who understood the ‘Engineers Blunder’ so never took up engineering and became lawyer instead. Smart move indeed!

An Engineer remains prepared for any kind of situation. Nothing is shocking for him
An Engineer remains prepared for any kind of situation. Nothing is shocking for him

Anil Kumble aka ‘Jumbo’ rightfully showed what an engineer can do in a year even when he has no past experience. In one of his post resignation interview he did answered a condescending question from a journalist when asked about what technique he followed which lead to his resignation saying “A true engineer never reveals his technique. Just enjoy the output.”

We, as spectators did enjoy the sweet amalgamation of youth, aggression, engineering styled coaching in the form of numerous wins from past year. Our Captain too revered Jumbo and never uttered his signature mother, sister, father based curse words in front of Jumbo. But I do wonder why his aggression based curse words are missing the brother factor! We may never know. But somewhere captain too knew he can’t this too long. And as cliché as it might sound our captain took the matter to CAC, CoA, BCCI instead of giving it on face after the disastrous Champions Trophy ’17 final. Who would blame him; in a nation of billion plus crazy cricket fans if you don’t show results that too in a final against archenemy then there bound to be consequences. And who other than an engineer can take the responsibility! Anil had no option; he had to show he is a true engineer even though he might be laughing inside saying to himself “कट गया मेरा भी! आखिरकार इंजीनियर जो हूँ (I was bound be the victim after all I am an engineer).”

We just hope that players are happy with the next coach. Or maybe this is a conspiracy of Mr. Pawar to get this agenda of rotating the big players as coach for a year. We may never know! We might just get to see what happens.