Batsman declared out for doing excess warm-up before facing the first ball

14, Apr 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: In a first of its kind dismissal, the opening batsman of a first class match was declared out for performing too many exercise like feats before facing the first ball.

When Aalsi Varma arrived at the crease to start the innings of the first class 3-day match, the time was 8:43 AM i.e., 2 minutes before the first delivery was going to be bowled.

“Umpire declaring Aalsi warm-out.”
“Umpire declaring Aalsi warm-out.”

“He shook his body left and right, circled around the pitch area and did many Sachin like gestures just to get camera’s attention despite being aware of the fact that even cameras don’t like to see first class matches”, said Raj Mitra, the wicketkeeper of the fielding team. “Aalsi never comes to the practice sessions and insists on doing all the warm-up only before the innings starts”, said the coach as all his efforts to change Aalsi seemed to be in vain.

However, Aalsi had a totally different version of the incident as he justified himself by saying, “This is the first time ever a cricketer has been dismissed as ‘warm-out’ for doing too much warm up. If you ignore the 20 minutes I wasted before being declared out, this is a unique achievement that no one ever dreamt of or ended up having.”

“When big cricketers move out of the line and complain about sight screen, more than 10 minutes are wasted and surprisingly, no one complains. When some batsman hits a 6 in Pakistan, the crowd doesn’t give the ball back and as a result, a lot of time is wasted by umpires to get the new ball. No one bothers how much time is wasted here. All they’re concerned about is, my exercise!”, said Aalsi as he tried to answer people ridiculing him.

As per our sources, Aalsi’s colony friends have already started making arrangements for a grand welcome when he returns home at the end of the 3-day match, followed by a big bash to celebrate his entry into the record books for being the first batsman ever to get warm-out.