How BCCI and Star Sports are working together to change your viewing habits

24, Jul 2017 By True Reporter

Mumbai – Whatever the situation maybe in a cricket match, but as soon as Sanjay Manjrekar comes into the commentary box you can be guaranteed to feel nervous.

This was recently observed in Women’s Cricket World Cup finals between England and India.

Cricket fans understand every player is different, players evaluate situations and take their time to settle in but highly experienced and seasoned human being Sanjay Manjrekar who has spent over 52 years living on Earth doesn’t seem to understand this.  This lack of basic understanding plus efforts of using Puns every now and then has affected moods of many Indians.

A recent media release by BARC India (Analyzers of Channels TRP) shared statistics of Indian Sports channels which revealed some  unsurprising stats of Star Sports 1 & Star Sports 3 (Hindi Channel), which showed sharp drop in TRP of Star Sports 1 specifically during the start and end of Indian matches and an uptrend in Star Sports 3 during this period. It was later understood that Sanjay Manjrekar does commentary during start and end of every innings when India plays.

When our reporter talked to one of the senior executives of Star Parivar who chooses not to reveal his identity regarding this topic and they revealed some mind boggling tactics.They revealed “We know Mr. Manjrekar’s style of commentary, he’s a headache and can demoralize people watching on TV. But we decided to use him positively. Our TRP on Star Sports 3 is high only during Pro Kabaddi but we wanted this to continue during cricket matches as well so we requested BCCI to take a very hard step to sack Harsha Bhogle with immediate effect and also get rid of Ravi Shashtri in some way in future and increase the commentary duration of Mr. Manjrekar and results are amazing as you have seen. People are loving the duet of Akash Chopra and Arun Lal on Star Sports 3. And I applaud the way BCCI has found a way to use Ravi Shashtri” he concluded.

This has left us speechless about how things work in real world.