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Breaking - BCCI to schedule IPL-XVI during World Cup’23

28, Jun 2019 By FakingAD

As per sources in the BCCI, IPL in 2023 is being planned at the same time of the World Cup. It stems from the fact that players from all countries would be available during that time. BCCI has backed ICC to continue to choose ideal locations for cricket matches.

Virat kohli's reaction when Jadeja asked Kohli if they would go to IPL final this season
Virat kohli’s reaction when Jadeja asked Kohli if he would play IPL or World cup

The proposal has apparently received the go ahead of the Australian, English and South Africa cricket boards. The boards have confirmed 100% availability of their players during the period.

A 4 month tournament?

This will probably be the first time that all players would be available across countries throughout the entire season. It is likely that advertisers would shell out record amounts for the IPL. Commenting of the situation, the BCCI President told the press that the proposal is in initial stages and an extended IPL is being planned considering the additional 2-month window. BCCI has also confirmed that IPL 2027 would also follow the same scheduling of IPL 2023.

While ICC has not yet officially commented on the scheduling, it appears they have already requested BCCI to provide IPL match tickets for their Officials.