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Captain's team defeated

06, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Where was the captain’s team? Only Virat Kohli showed his confidence and scored a big run in both the innings. As many as three batsmen were declared at their very meagre score at the individual level. When India was aware of the fact that it had never won at Edgbaston, the players’ confidence level needed to be boosted. England may have been stunningly defeated at Edgbaston if our batsmen would have played in a more confident style. It did not look like a contest between the two cricket giants.

The English team’s winning tally was never been bad at this venue. What they had strategically designed became truly correct at the end of Edgbaston Test. We cannot avoid contributions of Indian captain Virat Kohli who played superbly well in both the innings. But the captain’s team somewhere failed to perform well. What a doomed day for our team!

As many as three players could not cross their individual tally beyond the score of 13 runs. Was it not their utter failure at the crease? It was on the seventh time that three batsmen’s individual score stayed at only thirteen runs.

More interesting than this fact was that India has not registered a win at this venue. It has lost six and drew one out of seven Test matches played at this popular ground. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have also not shown any victory in their respective eight and two Tests at the venue. How identical they are.

That was why Asian cricketers consider Edgbaston as English team’s favourite venue as they have lost merely eight matches and won a total of 28 Test matches.

Though this was not a big chase for Indian players, the swing ball demolished them. Previously, India lost chasing smaller targets of 120 in Bridgetown in 1996-97 and 176 in Galle in 2015.