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Cricket Australia provides detection-proof underwear to players

04, Apr 2018 By MRP

Cricket Australia has taken the recent ball tampering episode very seriously and come up with a slew of measures to reinstate the glory of the gentlemen’s game of cricket. To start with CA has not only warned all the players from getting caught in illegal acts, but also handed 9 to 12 months ban on the directly involved in the South Africa incident. However, there is also a provision to reduce the ban to one day, if the players send in a written apology for getting caught and shaming the game and the country or fully waive the ban if they show repentance.

The new detection-proof underwear for Australian cricketers
The new detection-proof underwear for Australian cricketers

CA further called an urgent meeting of its top officials and the ‘leadership team’ to discuss how to prevent such things from happening again. Some of the recommendations that came forth are –

  • To provide skin coloured sand paper so that it cannot be distinguished when held in hand. Other similar suggestions were about ball coloured or even transparent sand paper. Whatever be the colour, the size of the strip shall be specified in the by-laws.
  • To provide official CA underwear which can withstand abrasion as well as the weight of abrasive material. Another suggestion was to provide integrated trouser and underwear so that sandpaper can be directly pushed into the underwear without taking it out of the pocket and getting exposed.
  • To create ‘no-camera’ zones, at least in cricket grounds within Australia, where players can go and adjust underwear and other parts of their costume.
  • To make the match telecast only ‘near live’ with a short time lag, during which any untoward incident can be detected and the corresponding video clip deleted.

With above measures, CA believes that Australia will win more matches and Australian cricket will reach greater heights, especially in fairplay.