Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Cricketers to join politics now

28, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

When we write about the success of Imran Khan in the political field, we do remember his world cup win in 1992. The subcontinental cricketers must be rejoicing at the Imran’s road to PM post. If Jemima Goldsmith had not divorced him she would have been the first lady in Pakistan now. It was all but correct that from one seat in 1994 to a few seats short of the majority in 2018 proved people’s huge support to him.

Seems to the cricketers of the Indian sub-continent would that they emerge like him one day. A cricketer has become the prime minister of the neighbouring country. As it stands he is the first international cricketer who got himself elected the prime minister. A notable parallel of him is a footballer Geroge Weah who was also recently elected Liberian president.

It is extremely smart on his part that he conquered the people’s hearts once again after the year 1992. This time far-off the very cricket playing field he has won the electoral battle. His stage is wider than his usual cricket pitch at this occasion.

His thoughts must have been wandered to the yesteryears when he had established his political party in 1996. He knows he only has urged for the political life.

Now the real work before him. He should converse with the subcontinent’s cricketers as to how peace would be established in three countries and how would friendship be strengthened. The cynics might say it was his destiny to lead Pakistan. A communist leader said he was a Pathan and we should not forget Badshah Khan was also a Pathan.

But who will take the fresh initiate or bell the cat first? India appears in wait and watch mode. His political success has definitely impressed the cricket players of the India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.