Wednesday, 16th January, 2019

Cricketers wiped blot of defeats at J'burg

28, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Our cricket team despite all the niceties failed to show its calibre up above the South Africans. In reality, they snatched the Test series from us and we felt humble in the final match on the overseas ground. Though the opposite team tried their effusive best to prevail over, our determined bowlers continued to fail them in the third test match. It was only Philander who totalled runs in the double-digit after Amla’s collapse.

Dean Elgar (86 runs) and Hashim Amla (52 runs) built a weird combination of certainty and unusual batting. They added a good many runs and the turning point was surely fall of Amla’s wicket by Ishant Sharma.

All that counted was a realization to that sweet goal of our team’s victory by a paltry 63 precious runs. The Protease kneeled down before Indian bowling attack grimly. The chase of 241-run ended in just a total of 177 runs.

Mohd Shami with his splendid bowling attack pounded them with the fury of ball knocking their as many as five wickets. A total of 12 wickets were taken by Mohd Shami in the second innings of this Test series. While Dean Elgar remained not out on three occasions despite his team was all out.

The Indian cricket team’s credit lies in the fact that it ultimately managed to smash the blot of the weep at the hands of the robust South Africans with a spring in their steps.

The Virat & Co. had to be satisfied with the one test win and lastly saved their disgraceful defeat on the crazy pitch. Three-test match series gave a quizzical twist to the cricket critics. The Indian captain contended with the victory vibration and he shuddered into a different kind of delight while the Protease looked amused and serious by the change in direction of the results.