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Cricketing dazzles missed at boys' battle

09, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Much hype is created in the cricket competitions at the upper level but that particular dazzles are seldom seen by the spectators’at the lower level competition. This has been experienced at the state level schools cricket championship at different venues here. The young cricket players converging from as many as 19 regions of the state are taking part. What surprised was that it was more a formality rather than a complete arranged event. There was clearly lacking the sporting spirit. However, the authorities concerned have claimed of proper arrangements for the ongoing cricket competition.

What has come into the spectators’ straight view during the match on October 3 at the Christ Church Inter college ground here is the poor condition of the pitch mat, the absence of the trained umpires and no scorer at the board? The enthusiastic players were seen attempting balls with forceful shots and expecting of their bright future in this gentleman’s game. However, it was said of engaging three experienced umpires from the Kanpur Cricket Association sum but to our much surprise, the KCA secretary has rejected or refuted such kind of contracts for the umpires or the scorers with the DIOS office.

As the championship matches are being played at three respective venues namely Palika Stadium, Christ Church Degree College ground and Christ Church Inter College ground, the necessity of three umpires was taken up. Nevertheless, the miserable arrangements are describing the reality itself. Besides the match conducted on a worn-out and out-of-date mat at the Christ Church College ground here, there were umpires putting on sleepers and appeared unrecognised umpiring experts as was realised by the spectators. Worse, a young player in the nicker was skilfully standing at the long leg spot for umpiring. The responsibility of the scoring was also borne by the players.