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Doctors suggest to watch Pujara's batting to cure insomnia

31, Dec 2018 By jd
"Thanks for curing my insomnia", Kohli to Pujara
“Thanks for curing my insomnia”, Kohli to Pujara

In the recent past, many people are known to have anxiety and sleep disorders, for which they continuously knock doctors. Health industry did not have any other solution than sedatives. However, from some sources we have come to know, a group of researchers working on the cure of insomnia have come up with a brilliant formula. Researchers found watching Pujara’s batting much more effective than sedatives to fall asleep.

This discovery has taken the health industry with a storm, But people in the US don’t seem interested with this as they don’t know much about this version of baseball which Pujara plays. Researchers said this solution is better than previous ones as it won’t cost you much also it is not necessary to watch live match, you can even watch highlights of pujara’s batting which is about 50% less effective, but still effective.

They said for the time being no side effects are known for this treatment, but if someone gets addicted to this kind of therapy then they might lose interest in T-20 cricket.