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Finally, a biopic on Sreesanth: "From Chawal to Towel"

27, Apr 2016 By itishsood

GURGAON GURUGRAM: In a major turnaround  for bowlers all around India and cricket fans all over Kerala, Yash Raj Films has decided to make a biopic on India’s former fast bowler- S. Sreesanth. The movie would be the first biopic on an Indian bowler, who had been craving for attention for quite some time now. The biopic shall unearth all details of Sreesanth ranging from his abusing down under to his abusing in the Indian subcontinent.

The movie will have such heart warming melodramatic scenes too

Speaking of the decision, Aditya Chopra said, “For quite a while, we had been hearing frantic calls from cricket fans to make a biopic on Indian bowlers. Having already made blockbusters (and brain-busters) in the ‘No-Brain Genre’ like Dilwaale and Fan, we shall now venture into the ‘Biopic Genre’ and recreate the mystical journey of the fixing-saga boy- Sreesanth. The biopic shall be named “From Chawal To Towel” and shall cover all the details from his time spent in Kerala up to his tryst with the towel. Uday Chopra shall play the lead role in this edge-of-the-seat thriller”. Hearing this, one of our reporters, on conditions of unanimity, threw a Chappal towards Aditya.

When asked about his signing, Uday said, “For mentally preparing myself for the big man’s role, I have been watching all my movies. Watching my movies helps me in uttering cuss words like BC, MC, etc. very easily, which are perhaps my only dialogues in the biopic. Also, I had been very idle for the past few days, and this Banner has requested  given me a chance to make a comeback into the industry just like Ashish Nehra”.

Now expelled commentator Harsha Bhogle said, “The writing was there on the wall. Initially, the biopic was finalized on Ishant Sharma with the title Baal Ka Dhamaal, but then, YRF needed something sleazier, so they decided to throw light on Sreesanth-the black face of an even blacker IPL”.

Sreesanth himself was contacted but he didn’t open the door. Instead, we could hear him cussing YashRaj for not giving him a chance to choreograph Uday’s dance moves in the film. Beenu Dhillon has been roped in for the role of Harbhajan Singh -the negative lead of the film. The film shits hits the screens next Holi.