Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Getting no butter from the duck

29, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The hard-hitter Shikhar Dhawan departed quickly second time as the bowler beat him. This reminds us of Singh’s words, jab tak balla bolta hai, tab tak baat hoti hai. The cricketer is not finding his routine shot these days. He appeared to have fallen into some kind of unbalanced form. He did not fight as Ares himself on the ground.

He returned to the spectator area on zero in both the innings of the practice match. His twin failures in the warm-up match might make Rahul’s chance to partner Vijay stronger at the top of the batting order, as the experts analyse. Therefore, it becomes vital for him to spend some more time in the middle order.

He could not keep eye contact with the spectators anymore. He continued to stare at the real high jinks on the grassy pitch underneath his padded feet. Facing the opposite team’s fierce ball before the wicket was nothing less than standing before the enemy’s torrents of bullets like a war.

As he took a step forward from the wicket to move closer to the ball, his wicket was hit instantly. He stumbled and frozen with his feet rooted where he stood for playing the shot. Watching him made us feel as if a novice batsman getting to his feet on the crease and he surely would have growled at his utter dismal failures.

He bagged second repeated duck in a gap of just three days that was not only disappointing him badly at the present crucial situation but also sending him into complete desperation. He has failed to get the butter from the duck for the second time very much. Undoubtedly, no emotional apparatus, if any, help in expressing feelings and all those silent things going on in the brain after weighty position.