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Girls can be Arjun

31, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

“Girls need to convince their parents that they can achieve their goals. There is nothing that women cannot do. She wanted to stand out from the crowd”, so said a determined and enthusiastic girl of Hisar in Haryana.

She on one occasion declared that she had a deep desire to conquer every mountain on this very living planet. This resolve for a young girl like Shivangi Pathak was no cakewalk. But she also wanted to do something different from the crowd.

This was her intense wish indeed. She was ready for any tough adventure. That’s why she opted for becoming a mountaineer and she joined an institute in order to settle on the last touches to the basic and advance mountaineering.

She also attended various high-altitude training in the glaciers of Kashmir. This activity is the job of her life, something that suits her absolutely. She proved her mettle by achieving the stunning feat of scaling the highest Asian peak, Mount Everest first.

Afterwards, she moved on to complete another accomplishment by surmounting every rigid and tough obstacle in reaching the heights of Africa’s highest peak Kilimanjaro in barely three days.

She achieved what she considered exactly to attain at a very young age. In such a youthful age of 17 years has set a new world record by neatly displaying a high level of climbing capability.

Extremely inspiring by the act of climbing Mount Everest Everest by the first female amputee climber Arunima Sinha, she has successfully carried out something which brought her praise, name and fame in this mundane world. She now turns out to be an example.

She is yet to go for another milestone when she expressed her desire to climb the highest peak in the European continent. This girl is very young, talented and spirited with extraordinary patience.