I got up from my seat and a wicket fell, next second I was homeless- IPL fan recounts

04, May 2018 By gayupotter

It’s that time of the year – when families fall apart, when Facebook turns into a war-zone and when superstitions hit the roof.

Yesterday’s game against RR at Eden garden, CSK lost the match. And that very night, Mr. Anush, a resident of GG Nagar, Chennai lost his family and home.

No, his family is alive – he’s just been ousted.

“We’re typically not a very superstitious family. We cut nails after 8 pm, we eat non-veg on Fridays, we even start new beginnings during rahukalam,” his father stated vehemently.

“But everything changes in April & May. Two years ago, my brother had to laugh non-stop for 43 minutes because his first laugh resulted in Bravo hitting a six. Previously, Anush had to watch an entire innings with one eye closed, and once I had to keep my hands over my head for more than 6 overs. Every single time, our efforts paid off”

His house turns into London-London-statue-mode when their team plays well.

Last Saturday, however, his only son Anush wasn’t so lucky.

“We were all frozen to our seats. At one point, due to my awkward seating position, I developed pins and needles in my foot. After 32 minutes of maintaining that posture, I couldn’t handle it. I moved. And Dhoni got out. All hell broke loose. It was terrible. My family, not daring to move much, made a collective decision to throw me, the traitor, out of the house immediately. What can I say? I deserved it.”

Anush had to stay at his friend’s house for 3 days. He has now found a Men’s PG near his office. He hopes his family takes him back if CSK their next match.

Anush is not the only victim of the IPL craze. A lot of families take it very seriously.

“My father cut ties with his very own sister because she supports SRH,” says 26 year old Gopi from Mumbai.

Vanitha’s grandmother breaks a coconut in the temple before every RCB match. “Of course, it’s not like Kohli’s efforts don’t matter. We just feel it’s the combined force of all the supporters. We take our responsibilities very seriously,” she said, seated with one foot folded.

We can only hope that the Gods above are keeping as much a close eye on the statue-ed participants as they are on the actual players on field.