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Heineken eyeing to sign Ravi Shastri after public opinion

07, Feb 2019 By babu.hatela
मुँह में लिए हुए गोटी
“Now What!?”

Ravi Shastri, the Indian Cricket Team’s coach is now again in news for the same reason. This time though, the reports of Alcohol brands looking to sign Shastri have emerged.

A source close to Heineken says the attraction in India about the signing of Ravi Shastri has allowed it to produce life-long brand ambassadors, leading to a visitor repeat rate of 17%.

Ravi Shastri was been appointed to lead The Heineken Experience.

The Heineken Experience opened its doors to the public in 2008. Since then visitor numbers grew at not an impressive rate until the last week.

Heineken says visitors grew almost three times after the news of the new signing emerged. The Heineken Experience welcomed its one millionth visitor yesterday (5th February), and has thereby become the most visited attraction site in India after the news.