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ICC to start using Indian stuntmen instead of Red Ball for test matches

31, Jan 2019 By electroman

In a move to settle the debate over using a Red ball or white ball in test cricket, The International Cricket Council(ICC) has announced that it will be using Indian stuntmen for the task. This move has shocked cricket fans all over the world. When the reporters asked the ICC chairman regarding this move, he was able to provide a startling fact that has led the council to make this decision.

The Hero!
The one selected for ICC.

The bounciness of the Indian stuntmen. When the ICC board members were in India during a conference, they were watching some Indian films and especially Tollywood films playing in Set Max dubbed in Hindi. They were surprised to see how the stuntmen were bouncing very high after being hit by the heroes in to the ground. Though the bouncing height was much larger in Telugu and Tamil films.

The fact that test matches are not having much of a audience nowadays, it will be interesting to see colourfully dressed stuntmen bouncing around the field. People will be intrigued to watch the matches. They also made the choice based on so many other factors.

They can be beaten around mercilessly for five days.

They can be replaced when worn out.

They themselves will sledge the opposition.

Dhoni can give direct advice to the balls itself.

They don’t lose grip due to dew or rain.

Australians will be afraid to tamper with them,

They are least expensive compared to the heroes.

They are used to bouncing slow in the movies, which will be helpful in bowling slower deliveries

No gender bias, as stuntwomen can be used for Women’s cricket.

The Indian Stuntmen and Stuntwomen’s association has welcomed ICC’s move which has created a lot of jobs for their members. All the credit goes to Rohit Shetty and Tollywood, Kollywood directors for providing us such a great exposure. There is even talks that ICC is willing to use best friend and supporting actor characters instead of pads, because they are known to take a knife or a bullet for the heroes everytime.